Eliminate Spam - checks each incoming e-mail

Eliminate Spam! is an intelligent software which improves its performance by learning your preferences as you use it.
  • All messages from senders/domains in your Allowed list are automatically placed into your Inbox.
  • All messages from senders/domains in your Banned list go to the Deleted folder.
  • All messages from senders who are neither in your Allowed nor your Banned list, but successfully passed through 170+ built-in spam filters and remote databases of known spammers go to your Inbox.
  • All other filtered messages go into the Junk Mail folder for you to review and manage them.
If a junk message does sneak through the filters, you can simultaneously delete the message, ban the sender or sender's domain, and report the spammer to a central spam-prevention database by clicking on the Ban Sender or Ban Domain button located on the Eliminate Spam! toolbar. Please see How it Works for more information. Eliminate Spam! is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002/XP only.

Ban a spammer
You can ban a spammer by either banning their FROM address, their DOMAIN, or a phrase in their message. Eliminate Spam! offers two ways to accomplish this. The first way is by highlighting a message and clicking the appropriate Ban button in the Eliminate Spam! toolbar. The second way is by manually adding email addresses, domains, or phrases in the Eliminate Spam! Settings window.

Include people to Allowed Senders list
Having the email addresses of people you send messages to automatically added to your Allowed Senders list makes it much easier to personalize the way Eliminate Spam! works. Rather than manually allowing senders, those you send to (and trust enough to send email to) will always be received into your Inbox rather than sent to you Junk Mail. You can set this option in the Allowed Senders tab in the Settings menu.

Personalize Eliminate Spam!
One of the key aspects of Eliminate Spam! is to let you personalize who and what is important to you. Click on the Settings button on the Eliminate Spam! toolbar to personalize your settings. You can allow or block individual people or whole domains. You can also customize the message filters to be more or less stringent. You decide who and what to challenge. More details on individual settings are available in the Help file.

See a list of all the banned senders, domains, and phrases
You can see a list of all banned senders, domains, and phrases in the appropriate Custom Database. The Custom Databases are accessible through the Eliminate Spam! Settings via one of the tabs.



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